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Unfulfillable Stock in FBA?   Long Term Storage Fees?


We specialize in customer returns

Liquidation - Clearance

Yes! We Buy Overstock

Long Term Storage Fees?

Researching items for improvements       Long Term Storage Fees?


Q: How do I get my customer returns to your warehouse?

A: You can either ship through UPS or LTL directly from your warehouse to ours, or create a removal order directly from Amazon’s warehouse using our warehouse as the ship-to address. We can even be the direct ship-to address on your customers’ return labels or call us for local pickup options.

Q: Is there a minimum required to open an account with RTV Merchandise?

A: No, we are a direct solution provider capable of handling accounts of most sizes.

Q: What other services do you provide?

A: You can outsource your complete returns department to us, so customers can send returns directly to our warehouse where we will process them appropriately. We also provide a full line-up of FBA services including labeling, kitting and bubble wrapping.

Q: What products do you handle?

A: We try to accommodate clients request as much as we possibly can handle, just about anything!.

Q: What condition do goods have to be in?

A: Any condition at all. Slightly damaged, restricted in certain regions that can be redistributed to a more lucrative market, or simply brand new but sitting in your warehouse gathering dust. Our experienced quality control team inspects the condition of every product, and prepares it for optimal resale speed and value.

Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: That depends greatly on the specifics of each individual case, but we work to turn around your items as fast as possible so you can turn your ‘dead stock’ into cash and utilize the proceeds to purchase new stock.

Q: When and how do customers receive payments?

A: We do payouts monthly. We are equipped to perform payouts through QP, ACH, check or wire, per your preference.

Q: What do you charge for the service?

A: It all depends on quantity, category, size and condition of the items, please call us for a quote.