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Rtv Merchandise

Is a returned product management center, re-manufacturing, repairing and repacking of returned industrial and consumer products. Instead of discarding millions of defective, damaged, and returned products into America’s overflowing landfills, Rtv Merchandise does re-manufacturing, repackaging and recycling processes with the highest recovery rate of those very products without the use of new replacement parts.

Meet Our Team

Yanky Zelik President
As a young man, Yanky accompanied his dad who worked in appliance repair. From a tag along adolescent, he became his father’s right hand. Enthralled with the whole idea of fixing mechanical issues, from microwaves to washer/dryers, he surprised his father with his input, often contributing to repair plans.

Eventually, Yanky brought this business to the next level by providing refurbishing service for online sellers, accepting a wide variety of categories including shoes, headphones, consumer electronics, digital photography, astronomy equipment, sports & outdoors gadgets, household appliances, tools, books, watches, telephone equipment, and many other items that online sellers sell. (To this date more than 180,000 items have been tested and repackaged).

He established “Rtv Merchandise Inc.”, which steadily blossomed with the excellent customer service he provided and gained popularity for his business.

Aron KleinProduct Consultant
Aron explains that a satisfied client makes it all worth it. He excels at researching all kind of products and coming up with ideas how to repair the defected merchandise. More than the repair, it’s the research, for the future quality control that some client take in considerations for their next time they will manufacture or purchase this items from different vendors. Aron wants every company to get information what is right for them.
Ari WaxSales Executive
“I enjoy having a relationship with my clients. To me, it’s personal. Customers should feel like I care—because I really do!”

“There is a reason why Rtv Merchandise is the #1 return processing company for amazon, eBay, eCommerce sellers”.

Angle CasenioProduction Manager
Warehouse managing, inbound screening testing, outbound shipping, is on a daily routine For Angle, its amazing how our team with the right software have saved thousands of un-repairable returned products from America’s overflowing landfills.

“I have what it takes to solve most issues, with the right team of technicians” . He quips.